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Location: Easton, Pennsylvania

Point of Contact: rand0h

POC Email: Danny.Akacki@Gmail.com

DC610 Meets: We meet the first Wednesday of the month from 6:00 – 9:00 at Two Rivers Brewery and Restaurant in Easton, Pennsylvania. Two Rivers is gracious enough to host us in one of two of the available meeting spaces. The first hour is the social hour; food, conversation, lock picking and video games. Talks usually follow, then we work on projects into the night. Meetings officially end at 9:00pm but people usually hang out and hack into the night.

Languages: English but we'll also accept Klingon, Elvish, Dothraki and Low Valyrian.


Description: DC610 Started as a local security meetup in January of 2017. The group quickly gained momentum and it was thought that becoming an official DEFCON group would further our goals of hacking the whole friggin planet. The group has a leadership team comprised of four of the originating members that share in the organization responsibilities such as scheduling meetings, recruiting new members, formulating talk subjects, buying the next round, etc.. We boast a total membership of 79 members on ourMeetup site, with a regular attendance of around 20 people per session.


Areas of Interest: Social Engineering, Cryptology, Crypto Currency, building CTFs., hacking non-standard hardware. We tend to draw people from all walks of technology, from developers to sysadmins. Our base represents a wide range range of interest and skill and we like it that way.

Current Projects:  We are currently planning our first city neighborhood wide “Pub Crawl” CTF. We'll be configuring a number of access points/raspberry pi's that will be left at several locations in a 10 block (walkable) radius in Downtown Easton. We are developing a list of flags are in different restaurants around town and participants will have to hunt them down. Another project that gave us some lolz during a recent meetup, was the construction and configuration of a Raspberry Pi based "PwniePi", a CTF sewn into a My Little Pony doll. The tech was soldered together by kids all under the age of 14. We've attached a few pics to this email.


Seriously, it was awesome.


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