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Code of Conduct

This code of conduct is based on the code of conduct for the DEF CON conference in Las Vegas, Nevada. It works well for them, and we believe it works well for us too.

DEF CON 610 provides a forum for open discussion between participants, where radical viewpoints are welcome and a high degree of skepticism is expected. However, insulting or harassing other participants is unacceptable. We want DEF CON 610 to be a safe and productive environment for everyone. It's not about what you look like but what's in your mind and how you present yourself that counts.

We do not condone harassment against any participant, for any reason. Harassment includes deliberate intimidation and targeting individuals in a manner that makes them feel uncomfortable, unwelcome, or afraid.

Participants asked to stop any harassing behavior are expected to comply immediately. We reserve the right to respond to harassment in the manner we deem appropriate, including but not limited to expulsion from events and the Discord.

This Code of Conduct applies to everyone participating at DEF CON 610.

Anyone can report harassment. If you are being harassed, notice that someone else is being harassed, or have any other concerns, you can contact one of the DEF CON 610 admins.

We also abide by the ideals set forth in the DEF CON Groups FAQ. We recommend you review it.

We would also like to add the following items as general rules for behavior:

"Don't be a jerk." Most people have a good idea of what this means already, but to spell it out: Don't insult or harass other attendees. You may not agree with their ideas, but you can agree to disagree. This applies for interactions between members in our Discord chat as well.

Furthermore, if harassment occurs outside of our events or Discord, the offending parties may be banned from further participation in DEF CON 610 events.

"Respect our speakers" Treat the speakers at our presentations with respect. If you're not interested in the talk, that's fine, but don't disrupt or antagonize them. Friendly, gentle heckling is acceptable and part of the experience, but if someone asks you to stop, you've probably crossed a line.

"Don't do crimes." Some people have the wrong idea of what a Defcon Group is. We don't teach people to commit crimes and we won't help you to commit crimes or point you in the direction of anyone who would.

The DEF CON Groups FAQ spells it out clearly: